The branding design of the glasses logo was inspired by the game consoles in both appearance and color. The overall tonality of the page, as well as the icons and logos, were inspired by those elements of the gaming world.

The video clip was filmed and edited in our in-house studio by me and the design & photography team.

Typical Users.jpg

Typical Users

Male / Female
Age: 16-35
Tech skills: Hight
Main platform: Desktop


Relevant tips
Showing bottom line
Engaging and fun

Main Needs

UI Inspiration: Dark Background Interfaces

ui inspiration.png

Where it comes from?

1. I assume that the dark theme drawers the user into the battle atmosphere.
2. The dark theme prevents eye-damage caused by extended 
viewing on screens.

Why dark?

Choosing the dark look & feel should provide the user with the familiarity of the gaming world. Also, it emphasizes that we specialized in the gaming industry.

What did I see?

Most of the products that appeal
to the gamer audience do so by a dark background and dark set
of UI controllers.
Style Gaide
The design style is based on the brand's principles. the goal was to maintain a uniform sequence of design on the landing page.
style gaid.jpg

Landing Page

The goal was to design a specifically targeted page for the product and target audience (Gamers), providing convenient points of purchase for the customers. We also provided some educational information about the glasses and lens technology, all wrapped up in expanded aesthetics.