My Account. 

My Account serves as the customer's database such as the glasses prescriptions, account passwords, credit card numbers, etc.  
The data should be accessible for the customers and available for editing workflows.  

The Goal:
To create one accessible entry point for all customers and users. 
The "My Account" space should hold all of the user's data and history. Customers would like to view and edit their data, such as order history, eye prescription, account details, shipment details, newsletter subscription, Try-on images, and a gift card section.
Change Prescription Flow  
We assume customers who access the ‘My-account’ page has a specific task they want to complete. Hence, within the ‘My-account’ users are extremely “task-oriented”, with a single goal in mind; for example, “Changing my password”, “Updating my credit card”, “Looking up my latest order”, "update the eye-prescription".
In this wireframe, I chose the "Update eye-prescription" as an example. Customers can have multiple prescriptions and they need to maintain it. Around 40% of the users will need to change some data in the prescription at least one time a year. 

Main flows

Research Menu
How can we create a menu page that will follow our main design principles: Clarity, and ease of use, while also creating a balanced hierocracy between the menu's categories? 
We drafted the following two methods of navigation, 'Side Menu Navigation' vs 'Tab Menu Navigation".
We tested for the optimal experience of present user data while allowing easy access and edit functionality.
Side Menu
Vertical Sidebar Navigation.jpg
Tab Menu 
Mega Menu.jpg
Side Menu Navigation 
The side menu will bring a better experience for our customers.
Static Menu - On the left side, it presents the categories title. 
Dynamic body - The main part, presents the categories content.
The menu and the body have symbiosis relations, taping on an item from the menu will scroll the body into the right position. Users can also scroll all of their information in the body part and the category name will be highlighted in the side menu.
UI Design and Mobile

The "My account page" was first scoped for desktop users. Research shows us our customers tend to use their office computers/laptops more often than their mobile devices

for more complex workflows.   
For the second phase, l designed the mobile workflows using the tab experience. Also applied and designed mobile patterns (buttons, touch states, title alignments, and more).

final ui design.jpg
final ui mobile.jpg