Career Page. 
The career page is a mini-site to recruit developers for Optimax and her subsidiary. A clear, easy-to access website that is fun to browse and informative. A space that can communicate open positions and more to the community of developers. 
Suggested Solutions
To capture talents in the field of engineering we proposed a two-part solution: Blog page and a Career page. 
The Blog - SITEUP, provides an inside look into the challenges and everyday life of engineers working in Optimax. 
Career page -  An awesome career site that introduces users to the three subsidiaries, the benefits of working in Optimax and the current openings.
The Layout 
The website structure is a simple one-pager with a header is sticky. The main CTA is for applying to a job, and it is following the user along while scrolling on the website.
Every job description has a page, users can interact with the application form and 3 subsidiaries about pages. 
user flow.jpg
The Design 
The career page customers are young developers. I wanted to serve the content with a wink, so I chose the outer-space illustrated concept. 
To connect the Career page to the Optimax company we used the same colors and fonts. I designed more fun icons and animated some illustrations to bring the outer-space concept to life. Also, more design elements to increase scrolling, we used photos of employees and their stories to create that real people's experience.  
About Us-.jpg
Group 15 Copy 3.jpg
Group 15 Copy.jpg
Job Description.jpg
application_form copy.jpg
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Mobile UI Design
The main concept of a sticky CTA also reflects on the mobile design as a lower button. In addition to that, I made mobile adjustments to the desktop design. 
floating action button.jpg
Floating sticky action button 

Mobile User-Flows and screens

mobile flow.jpg

Menu to the Career page

Appy on the application form

Tap on a job proposal to navigate into the job description

Group 11 Copy.jpg


SITEUP is a technological blog for developers, written by developers employs. Through the blog, developers can get an inside look at the challenges and everyday life of Optimax developers employes.
Another significant benefit of the blog is optimization on
search engines (SEO). 

Main flows

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Mobile User-Flows



Blog Post



Home Page

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Blog Post